Hello, my name is Karla Romero. I’m a freelance writer, but I’m also so much more. I built this page as a tool to gather everything I do and know to share it with others.

Writing is my passion, and my dream is to make it a living. But as everything in life, passion is not enough, commitment and dedication are the most important parts.

Here you can join me in the process to fiding out how dreams come true.


Here there’re some examples of my work as a copywriter. I’m currently working on Fiverr creating content such as reasearch articles, About pages, and products descriptions to different kinds of websites.

There’re some other interesting gigs you can find on my profile page.


We can learn something new everyday, and I’ve decided to put those life lessons into words, to write about what I’ve learnt even though I’m still young, because life goes by and sometimes we forget what we used to know.

For me, this blog will be a reminder, and also a way to practice and improve my writing everyday. Maybe for you they’ll be an inspiration to persue you’re dreams as well, a way to see that you’re not alone in this struggle, and that we can overcome everything.


My biggest dream is to be a novelist, but a big dream needs little steps at first. For me, that would be short-stories, poems, plays. I will write here my craziest ideas, let the imagination take over as the words flow through my fingers. 

Freestyle is all about new things, about exploring and experimenting. To see what works best and what needs to be improved. So come with me and join me in my new Lab.

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