The Real Demons

“ I told you not to buy this house” she whispered behind the door. “ What do you plan to do with that thing?”

“ Shut up, woman. I’m trying to hear.”  The ax in his hand was shaking.

The steps were rumbling stronger, tap, tap, tap. Every time they echoed out,  you could hear them from everywhere at once, tap, tap, tap; death could come in any direction without you knowing. There were no rattling of chains, no scratches noises inside the walls, just the sound of the steps and the feeling of dread that came with them. A stress of the heart, sweating hands, and trembling knees. This wasn’t the first time something weird had happened, strange things were happening since they’d moved in the house. Tap, tap,t…

* * *

“ What was that?” he said to his wife. A noise and an agitation of the chest woke him up that night. “ That! Did you hear it?”
The sound of buckles clattering and clothes being shaken and stretched crawled up from the basement.  Screams asking for help came out next.

“ Why don’t you wait until morning?” said his wife when he insisted in checking what was down there. “ That’s why people die in movies!” she screamed as he went downstairs.

When he stood on the last step the image in front of him was not at all what he expected. The room lights were on, but that was not the basement he became familiar with in their new home.

A tiled floor and walls that were no longer white, the dirt and filthiness of abandonment were all over the place. Pills were falling down from the shelves that housed all kinds of glass bottles with liquid and needles. Standing on the opposite side of him stood a bed, crafted out of pipes with straps on the sides and a mattress made of cardboard and foam. None of that was there when they moved in.

As he came approached the bed, he heard the steps again. Tap, tap, tap; resonating through the air. Tap, tap, tap; getting closer and closer. He faced the door, heart pounding, as it was the only way in or out. Whatever it was, it couldn’t get him without coming through the door first. Tap, tap, tap; he could hear them in the back of his neck and feel how the tiny hairs on his nape raised. He assured himself that nothing could pass through the wall, at least nothing from this world. So he continued facing the door, preparing himself for whatever might come, what he didn’t expect was the crash of the door hitting the frame in the blink of an eye.

The sound reverberated through his skull, everything around him became blurry as a fog began to spread, thick and choking. The straps of the bed shook and stretched out to rap him. He felt like if the whole room was getting smaller and smaller around him.

Frantically, he ran to the door, struggling to manage himself and take control of his limbs. He grasped the handle and tried to open it, the fear inside of him assured him the door would be locked, but it wasn’t.

He laughed at himself for believing, just one second, that he was inside a horror movie. This was real life and in real life all this meant someone was trespassing, and that someone deserve punishment for entering in private property. He made his way back upstairs and met his wife in the bedroom door, went quickly into the closet looking for something to defend himself and, even maybe, scare that person little.

“ Honey” said his wife breathless. “ Honey” she repeated as he was ignoring her to finish his task.

“ What?!”

“ Your sister is gone” she said holding a bloodstained coat in her hands.

* * *

“ Maybe the stories are true.” said his wife worried.

Her voice was tired that morning after none of them could sleep because of the noises.

“ What stories?” asked the husband’s sister.

She moved in a few days after they did, it was the first time she showed any interests in the house or anything besides herself.

“ When we were looking for a house, you know, business was going good and we wanted a better house.” the wife explained. “Nothing fancy, we didn’t want to lose all our money at once, even though now it’s not a problem.” she said with a little smile on her face. “ So the agent took us here to Holligan Street, said it was a good neighborhood in spite of the cost. When we asked how come this house was so cheap, she told us the realtors were betting on it. They bet to see who could sell it first many years ago, but none of them could, because some people say it’s enchanted”

“ Oh, there’s no such thing as enchanted” the husband said.

“ Don’t pay attention to him, keep telling me the story.” her sister in law asked, very interested.

“ Well, as long as I remember, she said a couple lived here once. They could finally have a baby when they were very old. They love him so deeply that when the child grew up and began to behave so strangely they locked themselves inside. No doctors or clinics, not even a priest. They didn’t want their little boy taken away”

“ A priest, you said?” the sister asked.

“ Yeah, that’s the craziest part, people said the kid was possessed by demons, others thought that it was just schizophrenia. Either of them, one day he went mad and killed the old couple, ran up and down the street, screaming like a burning soul and one of the neighbours shot him death, out of pure fear.”
>>All sorts of things had happened since we came in here.” she added. “The car’s brakes failed a couple of times, me falling down the stairs, even you getting kicked out of your house.”

“ Those are all coincidences” the husband said.

* * *

“ Coincidences, you said,”  his wife said with crying eyes while hitting him in the arm.    “ Does this looks like a coincidence to you?” she clung to his sister’s bloody coat.

The steps continued as they hid behind the door. The ax, still suspended in the air with an earthquake as a holder, was ready to scare the hell out of anyone who was doing this to them. A shadow walked through the hall and stopped under the bedroom door. The spouses stood holding their breath, as an evil laugh ripped the air. They looked at each other with confusion when suddenly, the door slapped them against the wall, the ax fell and blood came down the wife’s face.

He turned around to see his sister with the ax he was holding minutes ago.

“ Lindsay?”

“ The whole horror game was fun, but if you excuse me I need the money and as you were so selfish to not have kids that inherit your precious business, I guess I’ll just kill you now.”

And the ax went up and down as the echo of its sound spread across the house.


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